Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thank You, Jani

The first time it happened was the day after Fia was born. A hospital photographer came around to see if we wanted to have some horribly expensive pictures of our scrunched-up, red faced baby taken so that we could remember this time forever.

Um, no.

This was the first of many moments when we said no to the whole picture thing. It's a bit embarrassing to admit to people (not on the internet, of course, because I don't have to see your looks of horror at my complete lack of love for my child that manifests itself through never having a professional picture taken of them) that we have never had pictures taken of our kids. It was common enough the first year that people would ask me do I have monthly pictures taken or do I wait every three months to have them done?

Um, neither.

To be perfectly honest it was a combination of not wanting to spend the money and the horror stories I have heard from EVERY mother out there. I have heard of long lines, kids throwing up, pictures being erased, screaming fits - you name, it has Sears, Penney's, etc. I thought why on earth should I endure this torture? Plus, can I be honest and say that I actually rather enjoy the amateur photos I take of my children while at play? Just simple glimpses of life as it is at the time - whether playing or eating or screaming.

Until one day I was shamed by my lack of professional pictures and decided to take Fia in for her year pictures. It didn't hurt that we did have a gift certificate to the mall photo store place. We went at the right time, her happiest time. She was dressed in a VERY cute outfit, even a bow in her hair. We played in the sand box with her, showed her all the fun toys in the super cute background/scenery place we chose to have her in..............we left without one picture being taken. At least one picture when she wasn't screaming her head off, looking as if we were imprisoning her in the fun beach area.

I actually took her back one more time.

Still no pictures.

I felt so vindicated.

All this to say that 5 years later and many pictures later that were all taken by yours truly we have met a professional. I knew if I waited long enough one would come to me..............

Thanks, Jani. Here are a few beautiful (and impromptu) shots she took (one her husband took of Francesca) at a recent, heavenly pool day.

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