Friday, August 26, 2011

School Days

I have been a little frazzled as of late. This whole school thing has me spinning. You wouldn't think this, but it's true. I have been putting on an act for the last five years in which I appear to be a somewhat organized, schedule oriented, with-it type mom (or maybe not and you all see me as I really am....that's so scary I can't even go into it right now........). I am not. Well, the schedule is key but I am not really organized and I hate having to be somewhere with something in hand. I don't do deadlines well and I am not used to having to keep track of things. This just makes me anxious. Joe handles all bills, paperwork, insurances, car appointments, EVERYTHING. In fact just a few weeks ago I got a check from someone for looking over their homeschool work and I was completely stumped. Huh. A check. What on earth would one do with such a thing?

I actually had to call my husband.

He instructed me to go to a bank. Ummmmm, what bank? He informed me that we had a lovely little bank down the road from our house that we put our money in. Great. Ummm, now when I get there do I have to fill out one of those slips (those slips make me so anxious...what do I write on them? do I need a special number for them to give me my money that comes from this check? Oh the questions those slips generate..) Luckily, it seems I do not need a slip if I am just cashing a check. So I go to the bank, armed with my twenty five dollar check and I gather my courage to approach the teller. I hand her my check and drivers license and say I would like to cash it. I am uncertain at this point if this is really going to work (not only do their slips make me anxious but so do the actual institutions)

It doesn't work.

My name is not in their computer (see I have these anxieties for a reason, people, sometimes these things just DO NOT work). Apparently, Joe forgot to put my name on the account. Isn't this reassuring? If something happens to Joe how on earth am I suppose to get any money out or even remember what bank it is in? I just took the check home and let Joe deal with it.

ANYWAY...........this school thing makes me anxious not only for Sofia's personal happiness but HOW ON EARTH AM I SUPPOSE TO REMEMBER ALL THESE SCHOOL THINGS? I know, I know. Everyone does it and some do it for 6 kids. It's been two days and all I have had to remember is the reams of paperwork that is needed to enroll your child in kindergarten (apparently my child may need to be whisked off to the hospital for emergency surgery and is it ok if they cannot get a hold of me using the ten phone numbers I had to give them and if two medical professionals deem it necessary that they do whatever procedure is needed to be done? I mean what on earth do you say to that? I just checked the yes box) and make sure her lunch is packed and she is ready for spirit day today. Getting out the door hasn't even been that bad because we have moved up bedtime so that Fia can get enough sleep and everyone is now back to their infant schedule of getting up at 6:00 or 6:30.

This is just not natural for me - this organization thing, this having all my ducks in a row. I do much better with the zoo days and play all day in your pj days and baking and cooking and all that homey type stuff. I feel as if I am going to be graded this year. I wonder how I will do?

Sofia, on the other hand, is just amazed by how easy kindergarten is. She loves seeing friends and recess is her favorite thing at school. It seems, for her, my organized one, my responsible one, my "happy as long as I have a friend" one that she will do just fine. We will see how her mother fares............

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