Monday, August 8, 2011

Movin' On

Today I went grocery shopping with two children. One in the cart, one free to be very helpful - selecting bananas, filling bags with popcorn kernels and grabbing a bag of apples. When we got in the car there were only two car seats to buckle. We had to make another stop at Acme - there was no fighting over who got to ride in the car because there were two seats and wow, only two kids here today.

When it was time to watch - everyone wanted to watch Diego! YEA! When it was time to play there was no struggle to play two completely different things and they both wanted to read the same books.

However, at lunch there was no talk of Olivia (fia's doll and quite active child apparently) and there was no pleasant conversation. Nico did sing us his favorite song of the moment, "YUCK! YUCK! YUCK! YUCK". It seems this is a VERY funny song that cheers people up when they are sad, or so I was told. Francesca found it to be HILARIOUS. There was no playing mom and dad altogether. No playing Monopoly Jr. or princess bingo while discussing girlie things. Nico was left without his best bud telling him/showing him what is the MOST fun thing to do.

It was different.

It was good.

I suppose it's time for a little letting go, a little growing up for us all. For Fia to make friends and become confident in being who she is without the clan backing her up all the time. (Today she whispered to me in the car that she PLAYED A GAME! So proud of herself - for she spent 2 years in Awana NOT playing games, fearful of eyes on her, fearful of not being good enough) For Nico to become the big kid and do a bit of the telling and bossing himself. For Francesca to be included in big kid stuff and be the one to play and follow rather than always being left behind with mama.

And mama? Well, I must admit 3 to 2 for a few hours is nice, it's easier, much more than I would have thought. I miss my girl but am excited for what this new time holds for her. Plus you know what happens after you start getting comfortable and life gets a bit easier right?

We'll get a call (just certified as foster parents for whatever little one, 0-2, who needs us)............and 3 will become 4 and 2 will become 3 during the day and life will be back to our "normal". I'm trying NOT to get too used to this life of luxury..........

We're missing you, my girl.........but are so happy that you are loving this new life as a big kid.

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