Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Very UnPC Tale of Two Dead Parents

Fia loves to pretend play. She can talk FOREVER about her "children" and all the mishaps that occur. And in the last few months there has been much focus on her "parents", specifically her dead parents. I have no idea where she got this from other than the fact that we have been talking about fostering and adopting for quite awhile but NEVER about parents that have died. It has always been said that some parents aren't unable to take care of their children and that we were going to help them out by caring for whatever child comes into our home. I can only imagine what she must have inferred from this. The following is a story she told me yesterday............

Fia: My parents are dead. (Always a good opener for a story)

Me: How did this happen?

Fia: Well, my dad went to England. He's a strong dad. My mom was at home. An Indian came
over and she was really nice. She took care of him. He gave her some tea. She drank all of the tea but it was poisonous.

Me: Oh no! Poisonous tea?

Fia: Yes, it was poisonous tea and I didn't get home in time to save her. She died.

Me: What about your dad?

Fia: Well, he was in England and an Indian came with over. He had a gun. He shot my dad in the eye with the gun. I went over to England to try to save him but I was too late. He died.

Me: Oh my! So what are you doing now?

Fia: I got a foal and I am happy now.

So there you have it folks..............no matter what tragedy may occur in your life, a foal is the cure for everything. It's nice to know that if anything ever happens to me that life indeed will go on as long as someone buys her a baby horse. Oh and please excuse the quite negative references to Native Americans. I am guessing this is from reading the Little House books in which sometimes there can be some mean Native Americans. The extensive talks we had about how the Native Americans were here first and had a right to the land and were justifiably angry did no good. Also those talks about how there are mean people of all types everywhere just as there are good people of all types. Apparently the only thing that stuck out to her was the chapter where two Native Americans showed up and took some things from the cabin, scaring Ma and the girls.

I can't IMAGINE the things her kindergarten teacher will hear this coming year. She starts tomorrow.............good thing we met Mrs. B last night so she knows I wasn't poisoned with tea and Joe wasn't shot in the eye..................

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