Thursday, December 1, 2011

In Awe

When I first stumbled upon this blog I searched for the how, the hole in the story even.  I read through all the entries, I searched the website, I googled Katie Davis because her story, her life makes absolutely no sense.  I thought for sure there was something that I was missing.

How can a 22 year old girl from the United States have 14 children, live in Uganda with no parents, no husband, no family and survive, not only survive but be joyful?

She must be ugly or weird or something.  (Yes, this is the extent of my awfulness.  I actually had this thought.)

She's not.  She is gorgeous (not even exaggerating), comes from an upper middle class family, was popular in high school, had the boyfriend, the sports car, was on her way to college which would have been fully paid for by loving and supportive parents.  In short, she had it made in every way that seems to count in this world we live in.

What am I missing here?

Then the sense of inadequacy began to creep in, began to color my perception of the amazing things this young, beautiful girl was doing in the lives of people in Uganda, the lives of her 14 girls that she is a mother to.  I began to feel little and insignificant and silly that I spent one moment ever feeling tired or frustrated or overworked.  I began to be a little angry and suspicious of a girl that could accomplish so much and so much that came from just her..................

But then..........then I realized.  I realized the best part of her story, the very best part is that she wasn't alone.  It wasn't just her.  It was the power and love and strength of a mighty, mighty God that works through Katie.  The best part of her story is that no matter how much you delve into it, no matter how many searches you do on her, no matter what facts you gather it still makes no sense.  It isn't this neat little package that you wrap up with a bow and then call it a day.  IT MAKES NO SENSE that a girl would leave all she knows, all that is comfortable, all that is familiar and decide that Uganda is where her heart is and where she will raise 14 girls and care for the unloved and the unlovable.  IT MAKES NO SENSE that a girl would trade a sports car for a passenger van that is filled with children, with dirt, with grim and with love.  IT MAKES NO SENSE that an easy life at college with a boyfriend and friends and parties and fun is traded for a life filled with cooking and cleaning and homeschooling and doctoring in the poorest of countries.

I am inspired by this girl.  I am encouraged by this girl.  I am challenged by this girl.

I wonder how God will use me, I wonder how He is using me at this moment and what He is calling me to in the future.

We just rearranged our bedroom - to fit a glider in for a friend that just had a baby, I thought she might need a private place to nurse or pump or rock her baby.   While I was doing this I thought......oh my, am I opening myself up to the call?  We are waiting to hear from the county, a foster placement, hopefully a child to adopt.  Waiting and maybe just a bit nervously........our life is pretty comfy right now, getting easier every day as the children are growing and growing more independent.

But Katie reminds me.  Reminds me that this life wasn't always meant to be one of comfort and ease but one of living out the love that was poured forth for us and in doing so surpassing mere happiness and reaching a point of joy, joy through a life that doesn't revolve around us but around Him and serving and loving and blessing those He created.  I figure if Katie can raise 14, we probably have room for one more or however many God puts our life (Right now my mom is reading this thinking oh, there better only be one more, if even that many more, what is she thinking "however many God puts in our life"............oh, mom, I love you.  Don't worry, we'll be just fine.....just think at least we aren't moving to Uganda :)

Go now.  Read her story.  Be inspired.

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