Thursday, December 15, 2011

No, Patrick, I do not make this stuff up.......

This morning my sweet eldest comes to me about a dream she had.  She knows that God and Jesus are in her heart but in her dream they weren't in her heart.  There was a bad man.  She was standing next to daddy and she told him that she didn't have God and Jesus in her heart.  She was wearing black with gray shoulders.  Daddy freaked out (her words still) when she didn't have God and Jesus in her heart.  She woke up.

God and Jesus are in her heart.

Oh my girl.   My sweet, sweet girl.  What dreams for a 5 year old.

Then Francesca was reading her bible at lunch, as always.  Obsessed with that Bible, I love it :)  She points out the mean, mean king and then lands on David and Goliath.  This appeals to the beast in Francesca.  We proceed to act out David and Goliath for what feels to be FOREVER and EVER because I have to be Goliath and she repeatedly knocks me over onto our nice, soft kitchen floor....hahaha, it's very cold and hard and not nice to fall on.  She yells out I get you Goliath ARGH!!!!!

And then.................((big sigh)) Nico.........he wants to create yet another party (oblivious to the fact that momma spent an emotional morning running in and out of the Barger house, the first time bawling her eyes out and the second time emptying their freezer of all their hard work on the farm this summer) (the Bargers moved away today and I spent the day wearing Ashley's old clothes, eating her food and lighting a candle which made our whole house smell was weird and unintentional :).

ANYWAY..........the party.  He wanted to have a rock and roll party.  With games.  Bowling.  Did we have special drinks?

He wanted to play drinking games.

At the rock and roll party.

Oh my.

He explained drinking games were when you had a special drink and tried to drink it all while walking across the room.  You had to get from the tv cabinet to the fireplace while drinking your special drink (he meant sprite mixed with strawberry juice since this is what we had at the last "party").

Again, it was Nico.

I love my boy.  Just like I love my girls.  All for entirely different reasons :)

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Grandma K said...

I love ALL of you because as a family you have such special moments! The kids are special because they have special parents!