Friday, December 16, 2011

Nico's Rules

Nico told me today that we needed a list of rules for the rock and roll party.  Here are what the rules are (oh and he wanted them to be hung on the wall so everyone could see them):

1.  Don't hit.

2.  Be good.

3.  Don't sing too loud.

4.  Don't bang things when people are sleeping.

5.  Don't be loud.

6.  Don't watch tv when it's not time to.

7.  Don't open the fridgerator without asking.

8.  Don't hit people with a hard ball in the head (and then he demonstrated this).

9.  Don't covet (yes, he actually said covet).

Apparently, I don't have as much to worry about as I thought.........drinking games aside.  Which we DID get some Sprite today and the kids had a small bit after dinner.  They called it the lemon drink.  It was very exciting.  That's as rock 'n' roll as we get here, folks, a bit of Sprite in fancy glasses and some party games AS LONG AS YOU AREN'T TOO LOUD AND YOU DON'T COVET!

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