Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sweet Words From a Sweet Boy

It's been a few days since posting........I am a bit tired.  We have been doing a lot of fun stuff, seeing fun people, hosting fun get togethers but it's tiring - the whole kid thing and making a home thing, at times.  Even though you can think of a million people who should be more tired and are more tired it doesn't REALLY keep you from being weary.

So today when my sweet boy wanted to have a bug party after play by yourself time and was full of ideas of how to do this before daddy and Fia came home I was inclined to just sit this one out.  But when you are a mom there are very few times when you can just sit and even when you do, in the back of my mind at least, is that little voice saying, oh come on they are only little once, go on, play with them, be with them, love on them.  So we put rubber bugs in balloons and blew the balloons up so "our guests" (daddy and Fia) would have to stomp on them to get the bugs out, we created a spider web maze/tunnel in the shoe room, we looked up what bugs ate and laid out bug food on plates (blood - Sprite with strawberry juice, twigs - pretzels, leaves - cucumbers) and we had a craft to do with paint.

Was it worth it to rouse myself from the place on the floor where I was about to crumble and fall asleep?

Oh yes.  Yes, it was.

For after all the party planning and in the midst of staging our fun.....Nico, without even really looking at me or thinking about it, said, "You are such a fun momma."

Oh, buddy........I am such a lucky momma.

Let's have a pirate party tomorrow....

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