Friday, December 9, 2011

My Meateatin' Man

So today I was at a playdate (one which I showed up to in curlers.........seriously, had NO IDEA I had left them in until I walk up the stairs to the house and see my reflection - I see well put together children and then I get to my image and just see his credit Padraic never blinked an eye just commented on how this must be a new look.......the man is use to playdates with me by now - I think it's been two years now)........ok back on track........I was at a playdate and we were discussing diets and weight and such.

Padraic said he has lost 5 pounds since his "dieting" which started on Sunday (yes, let's all take a moment to hate on this man.......6 days, 5 he was eating his salad with peas, croutons and RANCH dressing, people).  I said ahhhh, that is so frustrating!  Joe is the same way.  He might have mentioned that Amanda, his wife who works with Joe, gets the teeniest bit frustrated too.  I said Joe has been consistently 10-15 pounds lighter than when we first got married and considers watching what he eats eating 10 pieces of the pizza I make because after all everything on it is homemade from the dough to the sauce to the cheese so it must be good for him :)  I said he wasn't heavy when we got married just meatier.

Nico chimes in.

Nico:  He was a meateater?
Me:  No, buddy, meatier.
Nico:  A meateater?
Me:  Sure.
Nico:  Did he growl when you got married?

Again, it was Nico.  Nico who likes the women on the exercise video because they take off their clothes and exercise, the ones in the back not talking.  Nico who thinks all the boy dinosaurs fight and the girl dinosaurs bury themselves underground and die when faced with an attacking dinosaur.  Now he thinks daddy was some kind of growling meateating dinosaur on our wedding day....................let's take a moment now and pray for the woman that someday will marry my sweet boy.  If he starts growling during the vows, I will take full blame.

(On a side note I DID have my wedding dress on just a few weeks ago and I was able to zip it without the help of steel undergarments but I think I almost lost consciousness there for a moment because I might have stopped breathing for longer than I should was a small's rather embarrassing how many times I have actually had it on since being married.........after the wedding people asked me if I was going to have it preserved.  I looked at them like they were CRAZY!  I mean how on earth would I be able to wear it around the house if it was all bagged up like that?)

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