Monday, December 12, 2011


So makes me crazy.  This is my problem, not the site's problem, not any of you who love this place.  My problem is that I can't just look at something and think, oh that's really cool.  I look at it and think oh my goodness I don't look like that, I can't make that, I don't have the money for those clothes, I am just not good enough (I KNOW......issues, right?)  It's probably the same reason that my friend, Tama, told me to put away the parenting books when we had Fia and I was MAKING MY SELF INSANE and wondering why I didn't have THE PERFECT BABY AND WHERE WAS I GOING TO GET THAT BABY? (I found out later that maybe you had to wait for the second one and then you could have the perfect baby and the insane baby would turn into a PRETTY DARN good toddler - god bless my little Fia)

So just in case any of the rest of you feel like this (which probably none of you do because I mentioned I felt this way at a party and all the women looked at me like I was crazy, except for my dear friend Ashley who just laughed because she knows me too well for one who has not known me for long) I wanted to post some things on my new site (which really isn't a site but just this blog post and others that might follow at a later date) which is called

Our baby Jesus in a manger under the tree.  That's right - a unicorn with a tea cup covering it's delicates.
 We are classy people.

Nico's party game - I looked everywhere on Pinterest for dinosaur party games but couldn't find
anything that I could create or was free.  I made salt dough, stuck little dinosaurs in it and dried it.
Fun but so not pretty...........

Our attempt at a Christmas picture

Our second attempt at a Christmas picture......

Dinosaur partyware - also can be used for princess parties, Christmas parties,  knight parties,
dinner parties and baby showers.......and has been,

Perhaps my favorite........Joe and I vacationing in Sorrento, Italy...........I told you....
we are CLASSY people.  Maybe someday I will show you where we stayed in Venice.
Oh was something.


You Can Call Me Jane said...

I actually decided NOT to join pinterest for this very same reason. I knew it would make me want to buy things I didn't need, make things I really didn't care about and waste my already precious time. So, even though I feel like the only one left on earth, I'm not signing up. So there:-).

mandyc said...

I knew there was a reason I liked you so much :)
What a cool thing we have in this world - the ability to connect and know a bit about a person without every meeting............