Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shamelessly Using My Blog To Show Ashley My New Curtains

I am not one that loves to decorate my home.  I am not good at it.  I would rather not spend money on it.  I would rather read, get a coffee at MoJoes, buy a new pair of jeans at Clothes Mentor, watch "Parenthood" on hulu, anything really.  But every once in a while the mood strikes.  Usually this occurs around the time that I get Christmas money from my father-in-law and grandparents :)  

So I wanted to show off my finds and allow you the opportunity to tell me how cute you think my new curtains are.  Now to anyone who hasn't been to my house you might think these things are that big a deal but they are, really they are.  Any decoration, really, is a big deal.  Plus Ashley just moved and I left her a long message about my new, LOUD curtains and I wanted her to see them.  So if you aren't Ashley or aren't interested in my AWESOME finds you can just stop, Patrick, if you even started to read this post after looking at the title you can stop now.  Unless you want to see my curtains and dishwasher brush holder thingy that I got for TWENTY FIVE CENTS....or you and Shawna can just see it when you come over for dinner sometime.

The booth - formerly the dumping grounds for produce during harvest time, christmas stuff in december and now a lovely little craft area.  The curtains were 1.99 a piece at Gabriel Brothers and the tablecloth free from a garage sale this summer.  I wish I had taken a picture of the shelf that is oh so organized with puzzles, stickers, construction paper and various other fun stuff.

Our entryway place where the kids can sit and put on shoes - also a former dumping grounds.  I am hoping the pillows will discourage dumping........

Calendar area/dehydration station = oh and there are some presents for Grandma Goats there that are going to Columbus soon.........LOOK WE FINALLY HAVE LIGHT IN THE ENTRYWAY YOU ALL!!!

Oooh - do you see my lovely green dishwasher brush thingy - it's really quite lovely for 25 cents huh?  Joe totally made fun of me for buying it.

I only took a picture of this because I wanted you to notice my oh so pretty colored pencil holder - another bargain from the restore - 50 percent off today!  It's the red thing next to my wedding picture.  We use the colored pencils for our journals on the shelf down below

My new kitchen/dining room curtains.  I know they look slightly weird here but really the overall effect is a nice one.  I got different colored picture frames and a little kitchen rug that are all equally loud and fun. 

I figured it was time for some curtains and pictures.  Ever since Joe ripped up all the carpet I just took everything down and never put anything back up in it's place.  I lost heart after a week of living at my parents, waiting for the living room to be done.  AND IT WAS DONE SO WELL, THANK YOU JOE FOR DOING ALL THAT WORK.................

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