Saturday, October 6, 2012

Nico's Take on Girls

Setting:  A beautiful fall day spent playing in the mud, digging holes, finding worms and basking in the sun.

Me:  Hey, buddy, Fia's bringing home a friend after school today, McKenna.

Nico:  Oh, good.  We can play.  Well, maybe they will play princesses or something.  Francesca and me will play in the mud.  Some girls are messy girls, mom and some girls are princess girls, they like princess stuff, girl stuff.

Me:  Oh.  And Francesca is a messy girl?

Nico:  Yeah, she's a messy girl.

Me: And Fia?

Nico:  She's a princess girl, mom.  She likes to do lots of girl stuff and princess stuff.  She doesn't get as messy as we do.

Nico is actually dead-on with this observation.  When we have groups of children over and they are all playing in the mud and dirt and water and such we will actually have to HOSE THEM OFF.  Fia?  She will have been down there playing with them and in the midst of all the mess but she will have a drop of mud on her face, maybe, and her hands will be a bit dirty.  Otherwise?  Nothing.  She is hardly ever a messy girl.

Me:  What about Livvie and Annie?  What kind of girls are they?

Nico:  Well, they are sort of princess girls...........sometimes.  But they are messy girls, too.  They like to play in the mud, too.

Me:  What about Caris?

I was interested in this one because I would not put her in either category - princess or messy.  I was wondering what Nico would have to say.......

Nico: (scrunched up face, thinking) She's a teacher, mom.  She's more a leader.  She does a lot of work.

DEAD-ON............Caris, I think, would FULLY approve of this description :)  

Me:  Well, what about me, buddy?  What kind of girl am I?

Nico:  You're a working girl, mom.

Huh.  A working girl.  Let's not repeat that phrase to anyone else, ok, buddy?  Can you storytime? at church? at school?  What does your mom do, Nico?  She's a working girl. 

So there you have it.   Nico's take on girls.  We have the messy girls, the princess girls, the leader and the working girl.  Care to venture a guess on what kind of girl you are or what kind you are married to?

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