Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Walking Out the Door...........

Ahhh.........I love God.

I love His words.

I love who He is.

I love how He answers the prayers of my heart.

I was feeling a bit defeated on Sunday.  I wanted to hear His words because my own had failed me.  I wanted to draw closer to Him.  So I wrote out my thoughts, my desires and asked for prayer.

This week, the past few days..........God has been whispering words of encouragement and love.  It start with the first post of the month and the challenge to write every day, to be still every day, to watch my fingers dance upon the keyboard for an audience of one and if anyone else read, so be it.  But I would not get caught up in who and how many but in what was being said to me and through me.

Today as I was playing with the kids I thought of the story I  read to the children on Sunday.  It talked about Jesus' friends and helpers waiting, waiting and hiding, waiting for what Jesus had promised them - God's Holy Spirit.  As they were waiting and praying, a strong wind filled the little room and there were flames and they felt their hearts mending and God's power and Jesus coming to live within them.  They had seen Jesus go away and now he was inside their hearts.

And their response?

They flung open the door and spoke of Jesus and the love He has for all people.  Peter began to speak of God's Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.

I love, also, The Jesus Storybook Bible.

Breaks it down for a believer in the simplest terms.

I looked it up in my big grown-up Bible, too, today.  It wasn't said in quite the same way but the gist of it was the same.

They walked out the door.

Peter spoke to who was in front of him.

Which made me think of my preacher's words...........sometimes what the Bible says, it means.  He used the illustration of asking his daughter to go clean her room.  What if she then sat up in her room and analyzed what that meant in Greek and Hebrew and what does my father mean when he asks such things?  That there is, of course merit in study and digging deeper but that sometimes we get caught up in overanalyzing things.  The Word is living and it is speaking and it is talking to you. When it says that Peter went out the door and started talking to Jesus to the people THAT WERE RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM........that's what he did.

And you know what?

All that stuff Peter said?  It was very pretty and wordy and called on Old Testament prophets and all that but when it came down to it?

He was just talking about Jesus.

He was saying Jesus is real.  Jesus is God's son.  He was sent by God and for YOU.  Jesus died for YOU.  So repent, be baptized and accept this gift, the gift of the Holy Spirit.

It's all for YOU.

So what does God want me to do if I am reading this right?

Walk out my door.

Talk about Jesus.

Tell people, show people about His great love.

This doesn't seem nearly as difficult as I was making it out to be.

Thanks, God.

Thanks, God, for keeping it simple and keeping it real.

What or who is waiting outside your door today?

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