Thursday, October 4, 2012



You whined............ALOT.

You made messes you didn't pick up.

You complained because you wanted things you weren't getting.

You spilled things.

You said mean things to me when you were angry.

You interrupted me AGAIN and AGAIN when I was trying to talk to you.

You didn't listen.

You were ungrateful.

You were unkind to your family, especially your siblings.


I forgave you.

I listened when you talked.

I held you as you cried.

I picked up those messes.

I understood you were tired.

I knew you were hurt and that's why you did the things you did.

I loved you.

And always will I love you.

Always will I be there - listening, forgiving, loving and knowing.


I am both a parent and a child.

Thankful for my blessings but even more thankful for a Father, a Parent who listens, forgives, loves and knows me...........even when I whine, make messes, am ungrateful and all that rest of it.

Thank you, God.

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Rachel Lipford said...

This is a good one! Not that all your blogs aren't good, but this one is so simple and provacative! Thanks for sharing the words :)