Sunday, December 28, 2008

Awesome Christmas Present

So I had to brag about my mother-in-law for a moment.  She got the kids the best Christmas gift this year!  Every time we go to a museum or play area that has a grocery store the kids love it, especially Fia.  Heck, the last time we went to Aldi's she told the cashier that this was her favorite store.  So for Christmas Sharon got them an extra grocery cart for Nico (we already have one), a cash register with a scanner and all kinds of "groceries".  She had saved empty boxes, jugs, containers and can for a few months.  She washed them out, put this special rubber type tape on the edges of the cans and covered the boxes with a transparent wrap.  Now Fia and Nico have their own grocery store in the basement.  I cleared out our "art cart" since Nico was wreaking havoc on it anyway and now it is the grocery store.  They LOVE it!  So while they got a lot of cool things this was definitely the best!

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