Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Requirements for Coming Near My Daughter

1.  If I see your do not see my daughter.
2.  If I cannot see inside your car windows because you feel it necessary at the age of 16 to have TINTED windows (and are not a public figure's son) you do not see my daughter.
3.  If your pants are so tight that you leave nothing to the imagination or cannot sit down without your head turning purple because you have cut off all circulation to your extremities you cannot see my daughter.
4.  If the diamond in your ear is bigger than the diamonds on my fingers you cannot see my daughter.
5.  If you smirk you will see the door.

These are random things that come to mind when I encounter these weird beings called teenagers.  I am in constant awe of these strange creatures when I go to the high school library.  Frankly I am terrified.  If you have any other suggestions.....I am open.  And, yes, Amanda I hear you laughing at me thinking that my daughter will find this list and set out to find a boy that will meet each and every requirement.........

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