Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dos and Don'ts of "Fat Days"

So today I was having a "fat day" - a bloated, tight pant, when am I ever going to feel normal again day.  Yeah, I know by tomorrow I should feel ok but what to do in that moment of fatness?  I decided to compile a list of my dos and don'ts.  If you are one of my micro-mini friends (I have too many - God's way of humbling me) I would like you to eat a couple of dishes of ice cream while you are reading this in celebration of your skinniness.

DO look in the mirror naked - it is never as bad as you are picturing it, seriously.  If you have doubts adopt a back swan dive pose (arms stretched overhead, back arched and hips turned a bit - this is a fabulous look that stretches, uplifts and tightens everything!)
DON'T go shopping thinking that new clothes will cheer you up - they won't it will depress you further.  
DO try on your go-to outfit - the outfit that you save for dates with your hubby, weddings, etc.  Everyone has a go to sexy outfit.
DON'T try on your wedding dress - yeah, I have done this - stupid, stupid, stupid.
DO exercise.  Yeah, I hate exercising but it really does make you feel better and at least you can burn off half of that feel good food that you ate while mourning how big you look, speaking of such things........
DON'T go to your parents house and eat all manner of junk food thinking that if you look like one you might as well go whole hog.  You just want to throw up (which I never do because becoming bulimic is never the answer......) and go back in time about 2 hours.
DO call your friend and laugh together - this ALWAYS works.  I feel so good after talking to another woman because they get it and can also say just the right thing.
DON'T ask your husband if you look fat - this annoys them and they will never say the right thing - even if it's the right thing.

That's all for now.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post ways to celebrate your gorgeous self because I will back to my normal overconfident self.  

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