Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Moments of Perfection.......

Lately I have been hearing such saddening news from so many friends - illness, money troubles, deaths.  It's hard living in such an imperfect world, knowing that these things will happen to all of us.  It's sometimes hard to remember that God is good, that He is perfect and that in the end it will truly be ok because we live in the here and now and it's not so good sometimes.  However, each day I find that there are moments of perfection, glimpses of heaven.  On Monday I was out playing with the kids in the snow.  Fia was eating the snow and making snow angels.  Nico was toddling around, trying to get in the garden and stumbling every once in awhile.  I was taking it all in, the scenery, the kids and I thought.......this, this is it.  This is my moment of perfection for the day, my own personal glimpse of the beauty of heaven.  I almost cried, I was so happy in that moment.  I find that those moments happen each day as long as I take the time to catch them - a quiet moment when the kids are playing together, the loud noisy times when we are all running around chasing each other, the times when Joe and I catch each other's eye and we just know that we are thinking how lucky we are, driving in the car and talking to God, listening to worship music, etc, etc.  Those moments are all around us even in the midst of so much sadness.  I hope that today you have found your moment of perfection. 

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