Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Random Thought of the Day I was at the library with the kiddies today (always fun - no, Nico, we don't throw the mulch from the planter in the, Nico, we don't stand on chairs and knock them, Nico, we don't pull all the books off the, Nico, we don't climb the windows and try to break major bones) and I noticed a fun new cookbook.  I am always looking for new recipes that look kid-friendly and it focused on kid's lunches.  I am bad at lunches...always grapes and carrots (Fia's poop has been severely orange a few times.....) served with mostly pesto pasta, quesadillas, mac and cheese or random bits from the fridge when Nico is screaming his head off to be fed.  Well, I found someone who is way worse at lunches than I am.....whoever wrote this horrible book!  One of the suggestions..........get a snack size bag of chips, crunch them up, open the bag, put in sour cream, tomatoes, cheese and lettuce, close the bag and shake.  It's a taco on the move.  OH MY GOSH!  Are you serious?  Chips, cheese, sour cream and then just eat it while you move around or why not do a 12 hour marathon on the TV and serve a bag of smashed up Oreos with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles thrown in there!  Ok, a bit strong on the sarcasm there but I just thought it was funny when every other book you read out there is focusing on the food groups and making meals healthy that this one says just smash up some potato chips and throw in a bunch of fattening food and serve it to the kid on the go.   

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