Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's a Miracle.....

Christmas has come early this year!  Baby Jesus made his arrival today!  Fia and Joe finally got a chance to build the manger today (very cool project with tomato stakes and dowel rods - I was very impressed with my hubby!).  When they brought it up to show us Fia ran to her room screaming I need to get baby Jesus, I need to get baby Jesus!  Well......did she get any of the baby dolls that she has?  Any of the cute little bald baby dolls?  No.......out comes GONZO!  So she has carted around Gonzo all day, showing him the Christmas tree she put up for him, reading him books, putting him down for a nap and getting quite upset when anyone refers to him as Gonzo.  It is baby Jesus she will say very sternly.  I guess we won't be putting him in the manger on Christmas day  now.  Oh, and we also practiced singing happy birthday to him.  She is definitely not giving up having cake and ice cream on his birthday!   

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