Monday, December 15, 2008

Stir Crazy..........

We stayed home all day today.  This is our usual for Mondays and it has been happening more frequently lately on other days too.  Sometimes these days are the best days and sometimes they are not.  Here are a few ideas of what to do when you are spending the day at home.

1.  First of all, stay in your jammies!  Why get dressed?  This makes the day seem special.
2.  Bake - I mean, really bake.  Make a HUGE mess, let the kids eat some of the dough and then let the kids eat some of the results too.  Don't worry about nutrition or getting it done right or getting it done neatly.  The best things to make are those snowball cookies that you roll in powdered sugar, cutout cookies or dirt pudding.  Kids can help with most of the steps and it is a process to get it done.
3.  Take a bath with your kiddies.  This is one of Fia's favorite things to do.  It's getting a little crowded with the three of us but for some reason it is a lot more fun when mommy is in the tub.  You can always wear a bathing suit and splash around!
4.  Laundry baskets - throw balls into them, cart toys around the house, have the kids ride in them, whatever.  I gave each kid one today and they had a good old time.
5.  Masking tape - both Nico and Fia were loving the tape today.  They were "fixing" the shopping cart.  It took intense concentration and a LOT of tape but it killed some time.
6.  The Box - get a big old box, paint it, put stickers on it, color it, tape streamers on it, whatever craft items you have.  I remember just a few months ago Fia and I spent 45 minutes painting this huge box during Nico's nap.  She had so much fun.
7.  Clean out a closet - ok, I know this doesn't seem like a good idea but it's fun if you forget about doing it in less than an hour, if you are ok about getting interrupted and you just enjoy it.  I like this one because I feel productive and the kids are occupied with discovering all the new stuff in the closet.  I would recommend a hall closet or something like that - not your closet, that is way too stressful!

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