Saturday, December 6, 2008

Expert mommies

I love being part of the mommy world - it's a giant club that is much more forgiving and accepting than most.  And I love that we are all experts at something - there is some part of motherhood that we all excel at.  Amy is an expert cake baker (among many other things) - this is something I could try and do but it's not my thing and I know that my Elmo cakes would never look as good as hers do.  Tisha wrote a FABULOUS article in the Rep - I could never write like that and I was so proud that I knew her!  I couldn't wait to show my mom.  Tisha, Megs, Bekah, Alisha - well really most everyone I know, all have this decorating sense that baffles me.  I go into their houses and wonder how they picked the drapes and how did they know that would go there and so on.  My house is covered in construction paper and whatever I threw on the walls when I moved in.  Heather can tell you the most minute detail about each of her children's lives because of her scrapbooking skills.  It's truly amazing.  I did about two months for Sofia, knew I was never going to be able to keep up and scrapped the whole idea.  The thing is is that we all have our skills, we all are experts at something and we should rejoice in these things rather than thinks oh we are such bad mommies because we don't make homemade bread or we don't sew or we don't have a spotless house.  It's ok.  If we tried to be like everyone else than we wouldn't be the unique person that God created us to be.  That's why I love to share ideas and encourage one another as moms.  I want to know what you all are doing so I can get some help in areas where I need it.  Yet I always remember that God placed them in my care for a reason, for a purpose and I know that I am the mommy that they are to have.  He knows my strengths and my weaknesses and loves me for exactly who I am - a mom with a dusty house who makes homemade bread, teaches her babies, orders her scrapbooks from snapfish and loves on her children each and every day.   

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